Equest Pramox Wormer

Posted by Georgina Spain on

Autumn is the time to worm you horse for Tapeworm, Encysted Redworm and Roundworm.

Equest Pramox ticks all the boxs for these 3 worms. Equest Pramox is a unique combination equine wormer, containing moxidectin and praziquantel as active ingredients.

It is the only combination wormer to control with a single dose: small redworm, including all stages of the harmful and potentially life-threatening encysted small redworm larval stages, as well as other roundworm species, bots, and all 3 species of tapeworm.
A palatable gel, EQUEST PRAMOX is presented in an easy to use dial-a-dose syringe, and has a 13-week dosing interval.

Equest Pramox is now licensed for use in pregnant and lactating mares.


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