Spring has Sprung...

Posted by Alan Ward on

As the new season approaches we must all take stock.

Although recent local flooding is now just a distant memory, have a good hard look at your horse and try to plan for the coming season.

For horse owners this will invlove getting the balance right for the new lush grass that is starting to appear, so as to avoid complications like weight management, laminitis, hoof care and Spring plant issues in particular the dreaded ragwort.

In the coming weeks we go through these issues in detail.

For now a good Spring clean with things like

Pulling ragwort

Checking hoof condition

Assessing horses muscle tone and fitness, how has your equine wintered??


For today if all you do is check your paddocks for Ragwort, which is an easliy removed menace, then you are well on your way to spring clean for the up coming season.




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