Rug Washing and Care

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Horse rug care tips

Never Dry Clean a Horse Rug: it’s not appropriate and it will damage the horse rug, so avoid dry cleaning at all costs!

Store Your Horse Rug Properly: a horse rug should be stored hanging to allow it to air dry easily. Once dry, a folded horse rug should be stored in a well-ventilated area.


Tips on how to prolong the life of your horses rugs


Do not: wash them in standard detergents; doing this will destroy the waterproof qualities of the rug. The detergent will remove any waterproofing product that the rug may retain and also break down the waterproof membrane that is applied to the inner surface of outdoor rug material.


Do not: use a bio type washing product on any horse rug, not only will it affect its water proof qualities but it can put your horse at risk of a skin allergy. Detergents such as ‘Rug Care’ Cleaner are Eco friendly and are kind to your horses skin, but still give a great deep down clean.


Do not: wash it with a power or pressure washer, this will blow away the waterproof membrane on the inside of the rug material, again making it useless as a turn out rug. Pressure washers also push the dirt into the rug, so the outside may look clean but all you have done is move the dirt out of sight into your rug.


Do not: store your rugs wet and damp and forget about them till September! Many rugs have cotton or non synthetic linings, when stored damp mildew will literally eat the linings out of a rug.


Remember: always give the rug a good airing if you are not using it and never put it in a bin liner wet, this will most certainly rot it!


We can take care of your rugs so now the good weather is here drop them in to us and we will wash and repair them for you

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