About Us

Your grandfather didn't have to consider quality.

Unfortunately, in today's disposable consumer culture, you don't have that luxury.

We have all been trained to be consumers, no longer clients or customers and we are all consuming far too much.

I advise people to buy less, buy wisely and make it last.

When your grandfather bought a saddle he could expect it to last his lifetime.

If you buy one from us, you can do the same.

Saoirse Saddlery - Alan WardMy name is Alan Ward I am a classically trained Master Saddler with qualifications from Cordwainers College, London; The Worshipful Company of Master Saddlers; The Worshipful Company of Loriners as well as over 20 years saddlery experience.

I am a certified saddle fitter with EQUIscan GMbh

And I am an authorised saddle fitter and service agent for such brands as Kieffer, John Whitaker, Berney Bros to name but a few.

Located in Ballinasloe in the heartland of Ireland's ancient affinity with the horse, we offer a nationwide service, through on site visits and mail order / web sales.

We look forward to your call.