Customer Feedback

"Service was second to none with great attention to detail.

My name is Helena Ryan and Alan showed great patience, thought and consideration.

Thank you Alan"

Helena Ryan, Offaly.


"I've been using Saoirse Saddlery for several years.

You are always greeted with a smile and treated with respect.

No question is deemed "silly" and you are given a frank and honest answer.

I am about to have my second saddle made by Alan Ward, Master Saddler who ensures the fit is correct and comfortable for both you and the horse.

I would Highly recommend him"

Jacqui, Roscommon


" We had Plenty of trouble getting a saddle for my mare, I was beyond happy to come across Alan Ward.

Not only did he make the saddle for my very wide mare, he also tailored it to suit me too.

Over the last four years and I have never looked back. His knowledge and wisdom is second to none and my first point of call whenever I need tack.

I would recommend him 100% as no problem is to big or small for Alan!"

Emily D. from Galway owner of a wide R.I.D. mare


"My adorable 15.1 thoroughbred Rosco came into my life in 2015. We were going fine in a lovely leather saddle for 3 years but as his shape changed (he built muscle, especially around the shoulders), we suddenly found ourselves stopping at fences. It hadn't dawned on me that it could be the saddle, until a physio pointed out that perhaps a lighter synthetic would be a better option for him.

Tah-dah! Enter the wonderful Alan Ward (Saoirse Saddlery/Alan Ward Saddles) via a quick phone call and a swift trip up the country. Alan spent almost 2 hours taking measurements and fitting, he was able to see instantly where my leather saddle was causing issues.

I hadn't jumped in 6 months and was thrilled that Rosco instantly felt so free and comfortable. Before we left Alan even altered a lovely new bridle for us, to fit comfortably around Rosco's big forehead.

Now, 4 months on, we're back and getting ready for the jumping league. I can't thank Alan enough for helping us. It's like I have my old favourite horse back.

Thank you."

- G.B., Co. Clare.


"I find the service superb. I found the knowledge of Alan in both what suited the horse and his movement, with the addition of his insight into whether the horse was being worked equally on both reins, and stirrup length for the rider to be beyond what you expect from the fitting. The immediate adjustment, and the responding reaction from my horse was brilliant. Alan doesn't just adjust the saddle he also has a holistic approach including the rider and exercise patterns to make the horse a happy athlete.

Honestly i cant think of a way to improve the service, but Alan no doubt will, as he is constantly learning watching and innovating."

- Patricia.F., Co. Mayo

"It was a very good service, thanks very much for all your help. I’m very happy and can’t think of any improvements!"

- M.M., Co. Kildare

"I was very happy with the service. As always Alan explained everything very well and was prompt with the alterations. I would happily recommend him to others. There was a delay in him attending but this was due to his work commitments which can only be a good sign!"

- J.M., Co. Roscommon

"I was very happy with the service. Previously getting hold of you to make appointments etc was really difficult but with Dara on board now it’s much better, and he’s very quick to answer any questions that come up, so I think that was a good move."

- A.C., Co. Dublin

"I am very happy with the saddle and the level of service was excellent."

- D.G., Co. Galway

"All went like clockwork."

F.O'N., Co. Wicklow.


"As you know, I have been your customer for quite some time now and I always find you, Honoria and the rest of the Team fabulous! Your knowledge of your trade far surpasses any other saddle fitter I've worked with or met in Ireland and in my old country. Your empathy and the way of working with both horse and rider is your trademark. Not to mention your patience with all the divas you work with....and I don't only mean the horses. 

I wholeheartedly recommend you to all my fellow horsey people who are in need of good advice and professional saddler services. Always. 
P.S. My saddle is still as awesome as the first day I rode in it and the prettiest you've ever built. Get loads of compliments wherever we go and I always say with pride that Alan from Saoirse Saddlery (now Alan Ward Saddles) built it for me and my boy!"
- A.K., Offaly.