Bioneq Eventing saddle

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Excellent jumping saddle for highest demands regarding functional comfort for horse and rider. Saddle tree, cut of gussets and the ergonomics of saddle seat and rolls enable an optimal support of the rider during the maximum movements and offering at the same time an ideal influence of the rider.

Flexible synthetic tree, individually adjustable in width through the mechanically adaptable gullet

Rounded panels with an optimised contact area of panels to contact fully on different back shapes and additional volume for an optimal adjustability

Wool filling individually adjustable panels for an optimal composition of the right balance

Wide spine clearance and much withers clearance through the removed gusset

Classical 3-strap-girthing

Well-balanced, flat seat and specially tapered waist for optimal influence in all seating positions

Optimised forward flaps, big knee and thigh rolls, both individually placeable, for different stirrup lengths

Soft, comfortable saddle seat for maximum comfort

Properly padded saddle seat for maximum comfort

Intentional plain design for a long, timeless use

Saddle seat and covered flaps made of best European leather with special grip properties