Bioneq Mono Flap Dressage saddle

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Sophisticated mono flap dressage saddle with best features to support a balanced dressage seat with close and effective contact with the horse's body.

Flexible synthetic tree, individually adjustable in width through mechanically adaptable head-plate

Short, rounded and sufficiently broad panels for a maximum contact area of panels on different back shapes

Panels individually adjustable due wool filling

Wide spine clearance and much withers clearance through the removed gusset

Long strap-girthing, from point strap as wide V-girthing, additional premounted centred girth strap

Extra deep seat with extra narrow waistline with stabilizing but not compressing thigh rolls, integrated into the saddle flaps

Properly padded saddle seat for maximum comfort

Elaborate and elegant design

Saddle seat and covered flaps made of best European leather with special grip properties