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Blenheim De Gogue Training Aid

  • €53.00

Shires Blenheim De Gogue Training Aid in Black. The Shires Blenheim De Gogue Training Aid is a versatile training aid that can be used for in-hand, loose schooling, lungeing and ridden work. The De Gogue encourages hollow horses to lower the neck, bring in the nose and engage the hindquarters.The De Gogue is made from Blenheim quality leather with stainless steel fittings.

The De Gogue acts upon the poll and the bit, putting pressure on the corners of the mouth when the horse raises his head higher than desired. Downward pressure is placed on the poll and backwards pressure on the mouth, which releases when the horse brings his head down and nose in. Benefits of the De Gogue when used correctly:

- Developing suppleness through the back

- Encouraging a longer, lower frame while being ridden

- Developing muscle across the back and loins - particularly those needed for show jumping

- Strengthening the hindquarters

- Develops looseness in the paces due to greater suppleness in the back