Alan Ward Saddles Dressage Girth

  • €150.00

This Short Girth from Alan Ward saddles has a unique design which distributes pressure, absorbs impact and prevents rubbing.

The girth is designed specifically to fit the horse's and pony's rib cage without discomfort.

Lined with supple full grain leather, the girth allows the horse's muscles to move underneath instead of simply being blocked by it.

It increases the horse's comfort by:

  • Dramatically reducing pressure.
  • Significantly increasing range of movement.
  • Eliminating gait asymmetry.
  • Being used during competition and schooling.
  • Always detach when not in use.
  • To maintain softness of the leather, always wipe sweat off the girth immediately.
  • Contoured leather dressage girth, embossed with the Alan Ward Saddles signature log.
  • Made from highest quality full grain leather.