Hitch 3-in-1 Saddle Cover

  • €62.50

A saddlebag for safe transportation, protection and storage of your saddle in the car and stable. HITCH 3 in 1 - saddle cover, saddlebag and saddle hanger, all in one. The unique and patented solution makes it easy to carry your saddle and hang it flexibly in the trailer, stable, around the paddock fence as well as in the car. You never have to leave your saddle on the ground.

The saddle cover allows big saddles to be covered and the velcro band reaches around built up saddles and pads. Elastic cords in the back tighten the cover around the saddle for security. Water-repellent outer fabric, soft lining, handle, shoulder strap and carabiners are included.

Available with gold- or pink-coloured carabiners.