Le Tixerant Contoured Shell Pad - Saoirse Saddlery

Le Tixerant Contoured Shell Pad

  • €70.00

The reinforcement at wither assures the fixation of the saddle pad and leaves the wither free of any pressure due to the rotation of the saddle pad. This system aims to avoid the pad squeezing the 1st vertebra of the horse’s back and on the wither (keystone of horse spinal column). It’s a real benefit for the horse, which, being free from those constraints, regains the essential balance to perform. It aids distribution of the weight of the rider and the pressure of the girths on the back of the horse. The conformer is fitted with 2 thicknesses of different foams. The foams are interchangeable which can allow the adjustment of the conformer to the back of the horse.

One size.