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Performance Body Protector - Adults

  • €135.00

BS EN 13158:2009 BETA 2009 Level 3 CE Approved BETA Approved: this garment has been manufactured to comply with BETA Safety Standard for Horse Riders Body and Shoulder Protectors (2009) and EN13158:2009. A fall, a kick or trampling can result in bruising, cuts, crushing and damage to internal organs not to mention a knock in confidence. Wearing a good body protector can significantly help to reduce the impact of damage from an accident. This Shires Performance body protector achieves a good balance between safety and comfort to keep the rider feeling confident while riding or handling a horse/pony, and protected in the event of a fall. Dense, shock absorbing foam inner panels flex around the body to achieve a close, comfortable fit, while the protective outer shell provides a barrier to help deflect the impact of a fall and penetration / damage from objects such as rocks and branches. Adjustable at the shoulders and upper and lower sides to help achieve a bespoke fit, zip front fastening, cut away at the lower front, varying thickness to reduce bulk at the sides. NOTE: when riding, the body protector should be in contact with the back of the saddle CE BS EN 13158:2009 Protective Clothing – Protective jackets, body and shoulder protectors for equestrian use: For horse riders and those working with horses, and for horse drivers BETA 2009 level 3 Purple Label.

Colour: black